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„Shamanism is essentially a living tradition of alchemy that is not seeking the stone but has found the stone.“

– Terence McKenna

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Eine Illustration des 260-Tages-Kalenders Tōnalpōhualli, welcher Malinalli enthälte, von Richard Graeber

Eine Illustration des Patecatl, dem Malinalli und entheogene Pflanzen zugeordnet werde, von Richard Graeber

Miquitzli Tageszeichen des Todes illustriert von Richard Graeber
Images: Richard Gräber, attribution, via Wikimedia Commons


The Cycle of the Gods

Malinalli stands for twisted grass and is the twelfth of the twenty day signs from the first cycle of the Aztec ritual calendar Tōnalpōhualli. In combination with the second cycle consisting of the periods 1 - 13 (trecenas), the result is an unchanging sequence of 260 day names. In the divination calendar Tonalamatl Malinalli is subordinated to Patecatl who comes from the land of medicines. He is a god of healing, fertility, psychotropic plants as well as the discoverer of the peyote cactus. This day represents perseverance, regeneration and that nothing can remain permanently uprooted. Malinalli is a good day to persevere against all odds, to forge alliances and shake off oppression.

The Plants

The plants of the deity Malinalli have a long tradition and are still used today by shamans to heal a variety of diseases, for divination, for shamanic magic and for religious ceremonies. Our motivation is that these diverse plants with the associated ancient knowledge become known in modern societies, the traditions find a place and offer experiential added value.
It is not exclusively about the pharmacological action of the plant, but also about the traditional, magical and spiritual use. The historical connection of a culture, for many generations with a plant or a mushroom, is a strong indicator of a valuable benefit that these living beings can offer us. There is still much we can learn from our ancestors.

Our Products

We offer only high quality plant ingredients and natural preparations. After all, an elixir can only be as strong as its source material. A plant or mushroom is best used as fresh, alive and gently as possible. This helps to capture and preserve the life force of the living organism, the spirit of the plant. Through this plant spirit the healing wisdom is passed on.

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The Origin

We are currently focusing on community-based projects in Mexico and Iran to cultivate sustainable relationships.
The agricultural communities from which we source our products are selected prudently and in close consultation with our local partners. We are fortunate to work with people who have the same appreciation and respect for Mother Earth and her fruits that we have. The enormous knowledge about the various natural medicines and their ecologically sensible cultivation has been passed on in these village communities for generations and forms the best possible basis for the further use of these plants.

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Organic & Fair Farming

With our local partners in Mexico and Iran, we ensure that local agricultural communities receive above-average prices and do not use pesticides.

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