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Welcome to Malinalli Shop - Discover your spiritual journey!

Dive into our online store and discover a diverse selection of entheogenic plants and herbs from Aztec cultures. Here you will find high quality products for unique spiritual experiences.

What are our products

Explore the magic of Peganum harmala, Calea zacatechichi, Sinicuichi and much more in our range. Each product has been carefully selected to give you transformative experiences.

Fancy lucid dreaming? Also discover our herbs and plants that can take you on a fascinating journey into the world of conscious dreaming.

All those who are looking for deeper spiritual knowledge will find it here. Dive into mystical traditions like Ayahuasca and discover our carefully selected products.

Come join us at Malinalli and open the gates to new levels of consciousness. Explore the powerful possibilities of entheogenic plants and have transformative spiritual experiences. Start your journey to inner growth and insight today!

Please note that our products are intended for spiritual and ethnobotanical purposes only. We dissociate ourselves from any misuse.

Discover Malinalli - Where spiritual experiences grow!

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